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By Youssef Khalim

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People of The Future/Day

Khalim’s first book of poetry, this reprint is a revision of the 1978 original. This is a must-read book.

People Of The Future/Day  “ warm and sparkling and sensitive.” -Gwendolyn Brooks, 1917-2000 Poet Laureate of Illinois, 1968-2000

It begins:

Women are of the
Substance which keeps the
Worlds a-spinning.

Marsha (Ahsram)

There are no songs,
No thoughts, no tantalizing miazma* colors,
There are no picture words to picture you.
No lights reflect,
No cameras can pan, intake.
No pensive moods can feel your feel.
No myriad Kaladi* paints of brush,
No strings of lyre,
No sounding trumpets harping grandly:
There are no picture words to picture you.
No sunsets catch,
Nor sunrise match
Your splendid splendor.
No sweet and scenty,
Bright transcendent
Flowery flower’s on a par with you.
No eloquence,
No heralds would announce,
No silvery words to speech,
No monuments,
No golden jewels,
No priceless prize:
There are no picture words to picture you.

Were it be known,
You must be felt: be known, be had.
There are no picture words to
Picture you.

*Miazma: Liquid appearing prismatic conditions created by bright light and unparallel transparent planes or water vapor. *Kaladi: Multifaceted.

Spring Wind Now

She let me be
She let me free
And now so high
I, butterfly
Can taste
The other flowers.


You be like dancing, sliver colors
Gliding easy,
And crisp-bright clever acts
And feats of poise.
You be like dainty svelte
Virgin gardens
And stately emblem flowers
Budding fresh.
You be like masterpiece
And dreams by saintly genius
You be like sounds of velvet
Thronged in
And life aglow caress(ed)
You be like Ophir’s prizes
And sought like Gilead.

A Sister

Said she danced
And I’d be interested
T’ see.
But I’m not looking forward
To it,
Cause when she walks
It’s musical
Sculptured majesty,
Smooth, flowing,
Natural dance.

I pledge to love you
Stand beside you
At all times,
Especially when you
Need me.
& I pledge patience,
Loyalty, respect,
I pledge my soul
& mind & body
Beg to serve
And warm assist you
To enjoy of life & living.
Likewise, I pledge
To the creation
Of our love,

Of Destiny & Struggle

Of Liberation

“What must the people say of the fruits
Of their labor?”
Say: “After all work is done toward the
End result, forces of the
Complete what is needed;
I am the
Manifest force of the
Universe; my
Work is not in vain.

” Som’n ‘Bout Land

Hey, brotherman,
Dig this rap
‘bout land:

If you can
Show me man
Not from land.
There’s thread
From land
& lead
From land,
Light & gas &
Wood from land.
Leather goods
& shoes from
Silver, gold,
From land.
Glass from land,
& brass from land
A mule from land,
Tell me man,
Don’t we need
Some land?

Say, have you seen some food from air?
No, food from land.
Have you seen
A man from
No, man from land.

Have you seen plane land on air?
No, land on land.
Can you build
Concrete without
Some land?

Canaan land
Was stolen
Land, The Promised Land.
& Ameri-can on stolen land.

Tell me man,
We rap ‘bout
Ain’t it time
To take--
Our land?


Sometimes it
To hear
The Un-US
Ones who
Stab US in the back,
Betray US,
Join our enemy,
Then based on
Fact that they have
Like US,
How the hell can
They prescribe a
Cure, or criticize
Better that they stay
& leave US to our own,
& this for them too!


Time, times herald,
You lie, you cheat,
You falsify my story.
You show distortion.
Backwards, forward,
Anyway you dare,
You show the lie.
Truth is not your object,
Objectivity not your goal.
You people have to learn
To learn: the world’s a boomerang
& what you sow
Will build you up or kill.

TV in America

Consumption of time, pollution of mind
Tools of tools
Of power (must)

Road To Freedom
(We are the first free generations).
Though you chained my mother’s mom
In chains, she wept
& vowed a vengeance through me.
Said the gods must
Have a plan,
A lesson to be learned
& steeled her will
& passed it on to me.
She said her forbears, victim.
Hostages of war,
(The gods must have a plan & lesson to be learned).
Then, & now we
Understand the lesson,
We learned
& we can say
Never again,
We will be free!

Of Food

Consuming habits
Take a lot of fruits
& vegetables,
At times & spells
Some feasts in meats,
Not swine.
There‘s fish or cheese,
Likewise dry wines,
At times.
Candy, nuts, ice cream
In spells.
& Air is good.

Of Ancestors & Offspring


Each generation owes the previous generation for
What it has.
Or the previous generation owes the current
For what it loses. In this manner material
Things are passed.
Therefore, we are the incarnate representative,
Heir, executor, creditor, & debtor of previous
& future generations.
Spiritual forces execute harmony, balance &
Justice-and always operate.
Material is but the manifesting spirit-
For expression & development.
Work & attention should concentrate on current
Circumstances & recognize past & future consequences
Of ancestors & offspring.

Of Love Affairs
We wed,
No ceremony
(Several times).
We fought
& hassled.
Read to
Each other.

We walked
Together, holding hands.
We kissed
Quite often,
& understood
All possible knowing
‘Bout each other
For a father-daughter.

James L. Robinson II

The sun rose in your smile
& you were dearest to my
Breast & heart.
Your cry or laugh
Was mine because
How could us one,
Be part?
You lived much too hurriedly
Developed much too fast.
Was it because you knew too well
That life on earth wouldn’t last?
I know you went to a better
Home in a better part of heaven.
Thus justice reins & our score is
Made somewhat more even.
Now when we meet again, if you
Know me before I you,
Say, “How are you This time?”
Say, “How’ve you been through time?”
And then say, “I love you.”

Songs To Sing or Read

Our Music
Our Music
Swells the heart
Like (Steve is Wonder) ful
A Trane gives
Miles of Koolish
Hot Chocolate,
N’ Cole Send Me,
A ‘re tha‘s soul when swinging;
Dells Nancy W/song
Count the Basie:
Earth, Wind & Fire Emotions
N’ Manhattan(s); Jackson, 5 LTD:
(I’d use up all my pen before the End.)
A Howling Wolf,
Say: “Listen!”
It’s sure to swell your heart.


I write
So subtle
Get real tender,
I get so
Soft & lithe,
I whisper....
Or stop
Turn/whirl or
Glide, I
Real hard or slam & growl or roar,
I twist,
Attack so sudden,
Inch away & counter,
Play opossum, feint.
Organic life flows through me.
I pin the deep emotions,
Sense & paint the slightest throb.
I lift you to the highest heights
To taste of ecstasy
Or trudge along the
Pitts of bell to feel the
Weight of pain.
I wrap it up
Summation wit a
Tease of writ.


If you love me,
Do it.
If you care,
If you feel,
Then touch me.
If you want
Me, take.
If you’re sweet,
Then sweeten.
If you’re fire,
Don’t take all
The seasons.
Show me &
I’ll learn.

Love Now

I want to love
Before the love I feel for you
Goes fleeing.
Something we say
Or do today
May kill my love.
And then there’s
Time & circumstance.
The dream I (am)
May fade (away).
While love is strong
We can’t go wrong
And we can capture
The greatest rapture
While we still care.

So let’s not wait
The gate to heaven
Stands before us.
And we should love
While love is strong
& we still care.

I Love You

Sometimes I love you much too much
That kind of love can get you hurt.
I care so much and want you so
These things I tell, you shouldn’t know.
Your love may be just like the rest:
Take all my love & move your nest.



Youssef Khalim

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You Look So Good

1. “You Look So Good” is a tribute to The 1995 Million Man March. In it, Khalim opens with an Islamic Version of the “Million Man March Prayer.” (There is also a Judaeo-Christian Version). He asks God (Allah) to “Glorify Yourself in the Million Men, and the 144,000, (and) all those who choose freedom over tyranny, right over wrong, and to be called Your Chosen, in these Days of Judgment.

“Show that those who are called
Babylon, the Great (or the Great Satan),
Are not great; but rather, those oppressors are low forms of life,
And will be put
Where they belong.”

2. In “How Could You Not Know It,” Khalim is in top form: creative, daring, beautiful - and powerful:

“Why do lovers love to
Start their loving with a kiss?
When love adds on to perfect love
Does it create a list?
Each time we love completely,
Does time turn into bliss?
And if our love is meant to be,
How can we avoid it?
“...If two hearts become one heart,
What happens if it splits?
If I am meant to be your lover,
How could you not know it?
“...When we pray to Our Father
Does water turn to mist?
If fate decides a matter
Can we choose to resist?

“If Kingdom Come came here today,
Would it insist on staying,
Prayer, and praying,
Love, and
Saying: “The Kingdom of Heaven’s” at Hand?
“...And love has triumphed because
I love you
How could you not know it?”

3. “Million Man March Blues” is a blues. Khalim laments:

“...You gave me your body
But you kept your mind and soul
You gave an empty shell
I need somebody whole
You gave your word
Then you went your way
You went for night
‘Cause I go for day
You vote devils in
Though it is a sin
And yet, you say you are my friend

You want to party
When I want to pray
I move within the light
You want to worship might
I choose a moral way
You act like any snake
You saw me heading south
So, you headed north
“You pulled the plug on me
As I was going forth

“...I gave you love
But you gave me shoes
Sent me to March
Gave me the Million Man Blues”

4. In “Let My People Go,” Khalim gets down to the business of the Million Man March:

“Gather together in Unity
Those of you who love Me,
Go down to D.C.
Tell Pharaoh
To Let My people Go!
Get up, and form a Million Strong
Camp-out around the Capitol Dome
And tell My Chosen: “Come back home!”

“...Tell Pharaoh:
“The time has come,
Your time is up,
Your cup is full of iniquity
And you are history, you demon
“...I want the earth back,
It is time for you to pack,
Hide from my wrath,
And watch your mouth
For, the rejected is
The cornerstone of This House”

5. The selection, “You Look So Good” is a tribute to The Millions of Women. And it is the other side, or complement, to the Million Men.

In it Khalim says, “ look so good, I just want to thank you for being born.”

“...Thank God for eyes
To look at you
He must be proud of how you look
For, beautiful has triumphed
Just as surely as will truth
And we know just by seeing you:
In the end
We will win
(Because) “Truth and Beauty” always wins
Because it is so good!”

6. Good must triumph over evil. In “Attack the Jericho Wall,” Khalim invokes Jihad:

“Now, you have heard the final call,
And I hereby anoint you all
I am giving you the ball,
Attack the Jericho Wall!”

7. In “A Man Will Do What A Man Must Do,” Khalim reminds us that when confronted with oppression and injustice, “a man will rise, resist, rebel; a man will send you- straight to hell!”

8. “You Look So Good” has many purely religious, or spiritual selections, including, “I Want To Thank You,” “We Orchestrate This Resurrection,” “Soldier’s Prayer,” “Confession Time,” “Spirituals,” “I Am That Jew, Just Like You,” and “Some Names Of God In Prayer.” The relatively long piece, “This World Is Mine,” produced in reaction to the 1991 Gulf War, is also included.

Khalim asserts in “This World Is Mine” that the alignment of economic, political, military, and socio-cultural forces in 1991 indicated the formation of the 8th World Power, an evolution of the 7th World Power (which includes the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia). The 8th World Power includes the 7th World Power, plus NATO, and the European Union.

In “This World Is Mine,” we are told:
“Make no mistake
The time is late
I’m taking my world back from devils
Lining them up for hell
And giving to my chosen
What they earn”
“...And forever more, I will be good
To those who walk with Me

And sing my song
And know the difference between right and wrong
Move in my will
And share the knowledge and the skills
For, I will bathe you in my light
I will lift you with my might
You will see that I’m ALL RIGHT

“You will see that I am He
For, you will look at me....”

9. In “Declaration Of The United People of The United States of America,” Khalim gives us a tool to “separate good people from devils.” “Declaration” is Jeffersonian and Lincolnesque, and in tone, like our first Declaration Of Independence. It details the satanic, communistic evil of this current government. It concludes, “IT IS OUR RIGHT! IT IS OUR DUTY TO THROW OFF this present intrusive, parasitic, ineffective, and oppressive government by those princes in rebellion against God! “And we shall institute a form of government of God and people, for God and people, for the Glory of God!”

Khalim’s Declaration is a must read for any citizen of planet earth, and especially for any American citizen.

10. You Look So Good ends with “Free At Last,” and takes us back to the theme of the Million Man March. In it, we are told that the march symbolizes, and is the formation of seen and unseen forces who are in step with the plans of God, including Joshua, Gabriel, and angels. The March is a march against those who are out of step with God. They are out of step morally, politically, intellectually, and culturally. And “Nature” will deal with those who are out of step during these times of change.

“And all those who remain on earth will march in step with Joshua, Gabriel, and God.

And they will sing this: