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Galina, All About Love

Galina, All About Love is the third in a series of 8 books by Youssef Khalim, begun in 2002. Four were inspired by ladies encountered overseas. Galina is one of the four overseas encounters.  This book is a must read!

I met Galina in the summer of 2004, over the Internet. I saw her photo on New-Dating.Com, and e-mailed her. Later, I was struck by her extraordinary beauty and lovely personality. I wrote down my feelings, thoughts, and moods as fast as I could. In
essence, Galina is the motivation and inspiration for this book. Sometimes it seemed that the book was writing itself, and I was only a channel, trying to keep up. First, came You Gave Me Your Body. Then, the other selections followed rapidly, and the book was complete in 18 days, working part time.

Galina has the most gorgeous, sexy body, and attractive and charismatic personality, and I have attempted to capture and reflect her awesome presence and personality in Galina, All About Love. Below are some of my favorite selections:

You Gave Me Your Body
You gave us the world!

I Love to Take A Stroll With You

Walk hand-in-hand,
And feel my arm around your waist,
Sit snugly by you in the grass,
And listen to your lovely voice,
And hear about your plans and goals,
And watch you deftly wield your sword, a blade of grass,
Run swiftly after you, and catch you,
And feel you wriggle, in my arms,
To get free,
Kiss your mouth, (a taste of heaven),
Hold you in my arms, and say, “I love you.”
Watch you,
Lovely, in the swing,
Before we walk away together,
So we can be alone.
But first,
I love to
Take a stroll with you.

I Thought About You All Day Long:

Your scented hair, disarming smile,
The way you laugh,
The way you gesture with your hands,
The way your hips move when you walk,
The way you snuggle up to me,
The way it feels to touch your skin,
How wonderful it is to soak myself in you,
And love you,
Fulfill your every wish and fantasy,
Love every inch of you,
And join our bodies
And our minds into one soul,
And turn all life to love,
All day long.

You Are The Perfect Woman

Not only are you the
Perfect Woman,
But you are the
Perfect Woman,
For me.

You & Me

Your presence
& your spirit
Dip so gently
Into me:
Caress my body, mind, & soul;
Mingle with you,
Elevate me,
Arouse my better,

How We Know That God Exists:

Life is everywhere,
And life exists in many forms,
Life is love,
So, love is everywhere,
And life is logical, rational, and intelligent.
Love is always seeking a chance to manifest,
And, it is everywhere.
In higher levels of evolution,
Love is often felt as bliss, ecstasy, and joy.
At lower levels, it is the will to live.
“God” is love (and life),
So, God is everywhere,
(Throughout the universe, and is the “highest” level of being, or evolution).
You exist,
You are divine,
And loving, lovable,
And manifesting love.
(Because, life is love).
We met across a network made by rational minds,
For, by, and of love, because it was manifest destiny.
(A US thing).
So, love is the seeking, controlling factor here,
Destined to seek and give, share and care,
boundless bliss, ecstasy, and joy.
It’s clear, I love you,
With the greatest love that can exist.
We know for certain, love exists,
Love is God,
And therefore God exists.

You Take My Breath Away!

When I look into your eyes,
And see the halo ‘round your head,
And taste your mouth, and sample heaven,
And touch your skin, caressing celestial softness,
And see you walk, and watch the magic of the universe,
And hold you, love you, TOTALLY, completely,
And listen to your lovely voice,
And take you,
Just as nature takes its course,
(On mountain peaks,
And grassy plains and valleys,
Flooding lakes and streams;
And bringing life, & love),
I take you.
And stars twinkle endlessly,
And take my breath away!

You Are Divine

You are divinely beautiful,
Stunningly beautiful,
Drop-dead GORGEOUS!
Exotic, SEXY,
Royal, noble,
Warm, sweet;

Want to Play?

I know you’ve had a long, hard day,
I wonder… if you’ll rest, and want to play.
Said you were tired, and hungry,
Let me see…
Relax, and rest my love,
‘Cause we’re eating out tonight.
Let’s start out with a sparkling wine,
Then salad, and your favorite dish,
And anything at all your lovely heart may wish.
After your meal, and music, I see you’re moving to the beat.
You excite, and mesmerize me.
Galina, you look so good tonight!
I’m happy to have you as my own,
And now, it’s time for us to get back home.
I thank my lucky stars for you,
And ALL I ever want to do,
Is love you.

Now, back home,
I run your bath,
Make mine for last,
Am waiting for your cue.
And all this time,
I'm wondering if you’re rested,
And hoping you want to play.

More Than Anyone Has Ever Loved Before

What I really find strange is that I’ve never loved
Anyone more than I love you.
I’ve never wanted someone, more than I want you.
I never wanted to do, what I want with you.
I never wanted to fly, never wanted to soar,
I never wanted to dance, never wanted to roar.
I never wanted to kiss, never wanted to love,
And stay up all night long, and greet the Morning Dove.
I have never had so much pleasure,
And love you cannot measure.
A love, so strong in my life,
It is like living twice.
I love you
More than anyone has ever loved before.

SEXY To The Core
I love how you are:
Shy, & coy, & modest,
Bold, brave, & fearless,
Careful, cautious,
Frugal, & hard working,
Loving, lovable,
Beautiful, & lovely,
SEXY to the core.

Autumn Is So Much Fun With You

Your warmth replaces autumn’s chill,
Your dress snugly hugs your curvy hips,
Your sweater glorifies your chest,
Your eyes are beautiful.
Just like stunning autumn leaves,
You are reflected in the mirror of the lake:
I love autumn,
Because it’s awesome!
And fun!
Just like you.
And autumn is so much fun
This year,
With you here!

Princess Galina, Among the Silver Birch
I’ve been searching for you, all my life,
Was Cleopatra just another lover, or a future wife?
I searched the whole wide world for you,
And now, I found you, Golden Girl,
In the early evening, in the park,
The lovely sky was blue.

I found you, among the Silver Birch,
Perching on the verge of fame,
Your name in waiting,

The Universe prepared to sing your praises,
Celebrate you, crown you: Golden Galina, of Belarus,
The reigning Princess, over us.

Your name in waiting,
The Universe prepared to sing your praises,
Bestow on you grand accolades, and roses,
And love you madly, like I do.
Hold your warm hands, in the park,
Kiss you lightly, after dark.
And taste you sweetly, beneath the Silver Birch.

I’ll take you, beneath the Silver Birch,
I love you, like God loves His church.
My Princess, and my greatest find,
And time will tell if you are mine,
And see if you are friend and lover,
Coming fully to my life.
Was Cleopatra just another lover, or a future wife?

I love practicing yoga With you:

The headstands, leg-lifts,
All the various positions,
The seeking, universal love,
Unity of minds, bodies, souls.
And isn’t Tantra totally cool?
You help me with my physical,
Spiritual, and soul development,
I love practicing yoga
With you:
And I love you, even more than
The love we had in practice.

We Are Possessed!

In loving you,
We take possession
Of each others’ bodies, minds, spirits, and souls.
After loving you,
We are possessed-
Of each other.

You Are A Master In The Art Of Love

When I come to see you,
You are always
Intelligent, thoughtful,
Engaging, and
I marvel at your mastery.
And, my love for you just
Leaps and bounds,
You are the master
In the art of love.

I Love You More

I Love you
Than Mortals
Are allowed
To love.

All About Love

Come, my sweetheart.
Let us learn all about love:

Let us teach each other,
Learn from each other,

Share and care, with patience and acceptance;

Take long walks in-the-park;
Give a smile, and go a million miles to serve;

Take any measure to give you pleasure, joy, and bliss;

Kiss you softly,
Say, “I love you,” ten million times;

Bring you heaven-scented tulips on just an ordinary day;
Give you Tantra, sing your mantra;

Love you every hour of every single day;
Pray for you, and serenade you.

Enjoy a joke, poke fun at irony;
Need you;

Share your hopes and your dreams,
Lift your burdens,
Make you beam;

Rock your world with passion,
Bring back the fashion
Of love;

Make children sure to please Creation,
Enjoy the best of all sensations;

Take on the devil, fight evil together;
Stand for truth, justice, Human Rights;

Protect our family and our home,
Know the difference between right from wrong,

Sing songs, and read together;

Ride our bikes along the winding trail of life;
Travel widely,

Take FULL responsibility for ALL the earth
And ALL mankind,

And prove to God that on this earth,
Some of us still know
All about love.

You Are The Most
July 4th
I ever


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Tanisha Love

Tanisha Love is the second in a series of 8 books by Youssef Khalim, begun in 2002. Four were inspired by ladies encountered overseas. Tanisha Love is one of the four inspired by Americans. It is an expanded and enhanced version of the book, Lara, Forever. You will want to see how the two compare.

In the Introduction, Khalim says, “I met Tanisha about 3 years ago at the medical facility where she works, in the western suburbs of Chicago. She was always dressed in uniform, and our relationship was professional. However, I noticed that Tanisha is very attractive, in or out of uniform. She has a unique, beautiful, and lovely face and mouth, and beautiful, gorgeous eyes. She is also friendly, and has a great sense of humor. And she is fun and approachable. After the spring of 2000, I did not see Tanisha for about 2 years, but I always had a lingering desire to get photos of her-for use in some of my books.

“This spring, I went by to see her-just to say hello. About a month later, I had a great need for her pictures for a book that I completed this year. I told her that I had always noticed how attractive she is, and I asked if she had done any modeling. We talked a little about modeling and pictures on at least two subsequent occasions. It was during these exchanges that I saw (and was reminded) that Tanisha is not only attractive, but gorgeous, beautiful, and sexy.

“A few days later, she let me see two albums of her photos. And they confirm this: Tanisha is an exceptional beauty in or out of uniform. She is hot! She is our treasure!”

Brave words? Unforgettable photos:

Re: Carry Outs
You have beautiful,
Gorgeous buns:
I’ll take you:
Here, to go, or whatever,
With everything

When I See You Baby

When I see you baby,
My heart leaps for joy,
My hormones go crazy,
My vision hazy,
Like a boy with a brand new toy.
When I see you baby,
Your smile lights my face,
And your Hot Body
Heats me up,
‘Til I’m hot-to-go
For days.
Whenever I see you baby,
I want to see you,
I have to see you,
See you,
See you,
See you,
And see you,
All over

Extraordinary Beauty

You are The Extraordinary Beauty:
With your
Radiant smile,
And intoxicating eyes.
The way you walk is unbelievable:
And beyond
Gorgeous and
It’s extraordinary.
You’re pure inspiration:
Heaven on earth,
Oceans of love and warmth,
Powerful, grande, and majestic.
Your loving ways are:
Sweet, and kind, and generous.
To behold you is not enough.
I must hold you,
Know you
Adore you,
Touch you, taste you,
Please and serve you,
And love you totally,
Ever more.
My love for you will last forever,
I’ll love you through the great hereafter,
I’ll love you ‘til all love
Throughout the universe becomes:
One precious gem of
Extraordinary beauty.

Let Me Experience

Let me experience
The full force
Of your female energy Again:
Not just seeing
Your beautiful
And perfect:
Chest, &
Butt, the sound of
Your voice;
To hear you whisper
The sound of bliss,
To feel your warm-hot, velvet body,
And taste your sweet,
To feel the urgency of
Your body,
Urging me on,
To feel
And experience
The full force
Of your female energy

Signs That I’m Falling In Love With You

I want you
And night,
I’m still amazed:
You have the most beautiful mouth
In the whole-wide world,
Your body
Excites me to no end,
You are gorgeous,
Sitting, standing, walking,
Or working;
And glamorous,
In jeans,

I adore you,
And when I see or think of you,
I feel bliss,

My soul sends you
Quiet and peaceful
Streams, beams, and gusts of
“I love you,”
I feel your presence in my heart,
And as part of my
Physical and
Spiritual self;
I see and hear you
In my dreams,
I love your mind,
And long for conversation
With you,
I want to live with you
A million years,
And, unlike this poem,
There is no end
To how much I love you.

Golden Girl

If I could give up all my wishes but just one,
I want to
Touch you,
Kiss you,
Taste the awesome beauty of your mouth,
Inhale your warmth and sweetness,
Feel your softness,
Make you feel like you’re in heaven,
Fulfill your fantasies,
Plant angel kisses on your face,
Serve you joy and pleasure,
Celebrate your beauty,
Look deep into your lovely eyes,
Adore you more,
And love you more each day,
Give you a gift each day
To make you smile,
Enjoy your friendly, sweet, engaging words,
Make you a bed of roses,
Every inch
Of your
Tall and sexy,
Golden, gorgeous, body,
Then, love you,
And love you,
And love you all over again.

Any Man Will Fall In Love With You

Any man will fall in love with you,
When he sees the way you walk:
If he has a heart
And if he has a soul,
If he has the breath of life,
And if this man is whole.
Any man will fall in love with you,
When he listens to you,
Has a mind,
And thinks;
And if he listens to his heart,
And mind and heart are linked.
Any man will fall in love with you,
Since seasons come and go,
There is a universe,
And you are lovely,
And I am
Any man.

You Too Will Love Heaven

You are like Heaven,
With your subtle,
Beauty, and
When I see you,
And scrape myself up off the floor,
(And gather myself together),
I can only say to those who do not know you:
“When you see her
You too will love heaven,”
Just as much as I do.

I Love To See Your Body Move

You have the:
Light, and
Perfect body.
And when you walk,
I love to see your body move.
When your body moves,
You have the most beautiful walk
In the whole, wide world.
I need to see you,
‘Cause I love you;
Need to love you,
‘Cause I love your gorgeous body;
I need to taste, and touch, and feel
Warm, sweet, sexy body,
As you move.


Love may come & go
But friendship never ends.
So, first I want you
For my friend.
Then, you are my lover,
‘Cause I need your body so bad.
Then, you are the mother
Of our children,
Because we have become:
One soul
Under God
With liberty, justice, & joy
For all.

I Can’t Get You Outta My Mind!
I think about you all the time.
I think about your hips,
And begin to trip!
I think about your face,
You put me in a daze!
I think about your walk,
I wanna talk with you.
I think about your eyes,
And then I’m mesmerized!
I wanna be with you,
Take a trip with you.
I wanna talk with you,
Take a walk with you.
I wanna touch you, hold you, kiss you, love you,
‘Till I can get you outta my mind!

Of Course You Know This About Yourself

You are Divine & Sacred,
& Special,
Immortal & Spiritual,
As well as physical,
A Sovereign, an Heiress,
An Honorable Princess,
Of the Order of the Daughters of The Almighty,
The Most High.

Love: To The Whole Wide World

Loving you
Opened the
Floodgates of
To the

Tanisha Love’s stunningly beautiful and artistic photos, and the enhanced and expanded content of this book make it a necessary part of your collection.