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5. I Love You Back
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7. Lara, Forever
8. Lori, My Dream Girl
9. Love of My Life
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I Love You Back

I Love You Back is a collection of poems, exchanged between her, and he who adores her. This is a must-read book.

1. In the first selection, Orca, Skworch is inviting a famous, wild, and free-spirited whale to “come along and swim with me, to a place that we both know, across the ocean to and fro...

“Take me on your back, and let me ride with you.
I’ll whisper to you, where to take me to.
So, onward to places, I have never been.
Orca, I will always be your friend.
Oh, Orca, beautiful and sweet,
Come along and play with me.
We will frolic in the open sea,
No one can keep you from being free....”

2. In his exchange piece, Orca Too, Khalim responds,

“I’d love to see you
Wild and free
To match the spirit of Orca.
So, come with me to the edge
Of the sea
To hitch a ride on Orca.
And you will find
What you want to know
In your going to and fro.
...I long to see you,
Frolic, play
To cool you off in the heat of the day.

I want to see you,
Swim along,
As you remake the ocean home...
...So, come with me to the edge
Of the sea
To hitch a ride on Orca....” 

Great concept and exchange between Orca and Orca Too: exciting, touching, and entertaining.

3. In A Long Key, Khalim voices this transcendent rhetoric:

“You are a key to my long lost past and my long-term future....So long hours with you are the key.”

4. Skworch is clever and surprising, while telling us that “thoughts of you dance” through her mind in A Matter Of Time:

“I was sitting here, thinking of you
There’s nothing else I’d rather do
Thinking of where you might be
Thinking it’s you I want to see
Thinking of time, that we could share
Thinking of how I long to be there.
Now, none of this can really be true,
‘Cause I don’t even know you.”

Finally, she says,
“I want to reach out and kiss your lips
One kiss for every joy I missed
And keep you dancing through my mind
Day and night, all the time
Wherever, whenever there’re thoughts and time,
So I can get to know you.”

5. Skworch’s A Matter Of Time is responded to by Khalim with his Adorable Moments, and Happy Birthday Gemini.

Go, love a Native American. And don’t stop there. Even, love an atheist, materialist, the selfish (they need a lot of love).

6. Skworch’s Maybe Words May Come, inspires Khalim’s Thanks For Coming Out Into My Words, and I Love You Back.

7. Khalim has a Gift, and with its use, perhaps Skworch will not be Alone At Night.

8. Skworch says, I Had A Dream. Consequently, Khalim finds her Interesting, and he reminds her that like any sports loving American, I Love Spring Practice. She has experiences of a man, “who comes and visits in my sleep.” Therefore, she rather enjoys her “sleep” life. But she does not know who this nighttime visitor is. Will she ever find out?

9. I Love You Back also includes Teachers Pet(ting) and Playing, and notably, She Is The Temple Of The Living God:

“She is the Temple of The Living God,
An apparel, adornment for him
So, go ahead, adore and love her
Sharing all you have.
...Then fight for love in the world:
Go, love a Mormon, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist,
Adventist, ‘Witness.’
Love an American today. Then love an Asian, an
African, a European.
Then wage a Holy War Of Love:
Of caring, sharing,
And daring Adorations.
Adopt The Declaration Of Love
Complete Our Spiritual Revolution
And Overthrow the evil devils....”

10. Pretty Sweet is short and sweet. I Love You Back ends with a Celebration of she, who is adored. He tells her he will:

“Wrap you in apparels of our love
To keep your heart both warm and kind
Reclaim the earth, recapture time;
And give you some, & give you some
And travel endless love with you
Until we find the end.
Then celebrate you, celebrate you
Again, & again, and again.”

I Love You Back reminds us: love is not just blind sharing and caring, but involves responsibility, patience, commitment, and loyalty. Mutual love is joyfully celebrated in this “exchange of poems between her, and he who adores her.”


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Svetlana, Angel of Love

Svetlana, Angel of Love is the sixth in a series of 8 books by Youssef Khalim, begun in 2002. Four were inspired by ladies encountered overseas. Svetlana is one of the four overseas encounters.

I met Svetlana in the fall of 2004, over the Internet. I saw her photo on New-Dating.Com, and e-mailed her. Later, I was struck by her extraordinary beauty and lovely personality. I wrote down my feelings, thoughts, and moods as fast as I could. Svetlana is the motivation and inspiration for this book.

Sometimes it seemed that the book was writing itself, and I was only a channel, trying to keep up. First, came This Time. Then, the other selections followed rapidly, and the book was complete in about 25 days, working part time. Svetlana has the most gorgeous, and sexy body, and attractive and charismatic personality, and I have attempted to capture and reflect her awesome presence and personality in Svetlana, Angel of Love.

My One Desire in Life

Is to please you, Love you,
Please you,
Love you,
And satisfy my one
Desire in life.

Until the End of Time

I am here this time,
To love you,
Satisfy you,
Give you pleasure,
Joy, and happiness,
Safeguard our home
& family,
Aid, support, assist you,
And love you more each day,
Until the end of time.

This October

You make me feel
Like I’m in heat,
This October.

You Have the Power

You make me smile,
You give me joy,
Transform my soul,
You make me whole.
You touch my heart,
Make me a part of you.
You have this awesome,
Awesome power.
You make me want to shower,
And shower
You back,
With love.

Angel of Love
You Are My Lovely Angel,
My gorgeous sweetheart,
My fantasy,
My dream come true,
My warmth,
My ecstasy.
You are my lovely, lovely angel,
My heaven on earth,
My beautiful, sexy,
Angel of Love.

When a Man Loves a Woman

She’s always on his mind.
She elevates him,
Energizes, motivates,
Inspires him,
Makes sweet poetry stir
Deep down in his soul.
She gives him wings to soar,
Expands his chest,
And gives the breath of life,
Quickens his mind,
And makes him fearless,
Because he has to protect
The treasure she just made.

I’m Falling In-Love With You

I can feel you entering into my soul.
The process, movement, I feel,
Right here in my chest,
Right here by the best, in me.
My heart is making room for you,
A special place,
A special space,
Right here beside,
The One and only One,
That you and I will ever hold on high,
Adore and worship, praise.

And Then He Made You
He finished making the man,
And then he said,
Let us make woman, from man.
Let us make her the most beautiful creation
In all creation,
Different from the man,
Lovely, pretty, like a flower;
The face, the body,
Talk and walk will be unique.
And she will complement the man,
And each will seek and make the other whole,
Fulfilled, complete.
Therefore, I sought and found you.
And now, I need you,
Because He said it,
Someone is missing
In creation,
And then He made you,
Beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, delightful, and wonderful.
Because He said it, let us make woman the most beautiful
Creation in all creation,
Then He made you.

That Other Mind

I Love your mind, Sweetheart.
I love your logical, rational mind.
Your thinking, questioning, searching, researching mind
Reminds me of Hillary, Gwendolyn Brooks, Randi Rhodes,
Soledad O’Brien, Janeane Garofalo, and Susan L. Taylor.
I know that we can grow together,
Our minds in unity, assisting, supporting, elevating
Each other,
Back to that Other Mind.

And Then I Met You

I thought I had met
The most beautiful woman in the world,
And then I met you.

Did You Ever Wonder How Life Works?

Did you know The Torah, Gospel, and Qur’an all
Say how life works,
And say, we live in the Eighth, and Last Empire?
Our “educated” class don’t know this
‘Cause they don’t read those books,
Or the Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita,
Or study Buddhist thought,
And they don’t know
How to look for signs.
Life works and operates in cycles,
Like spring and summer,
Fall and winter, year after year, season after season.
And there is cause/effect, action/reaction,
Up and down, east and west: duality, many, many times.
And life on earth is just an instant in time.
Individual angels watch over us,
And we are born likewise, in seasons, and cycles,
Many, many times all over this planet
(And we visit other spheres).
And finally, in this Eighth, and Last Empire (called
Babylon, The Great), our souls are harvested,
Sorted, and the good and just reap appropriate rewards,
And bad ones get what they have sown,
For 8 is death, rebirth, regeneration, renewal.
And our country is part of the leadership
Of the Eighth Empire,
And rule this planet, along with
The European Union and NATO,
And everything created on the physical plane has a beginning and an end (called death or renewal).
Through yoga, meditation, and visions,
I saw these incredible things,
That confirm the Spiritual Theory of life,
As stated in the Spiritual Books.

I don’t know all of what is not true, in the books,
But it truly looks,
Like I am Jacob.
And I confess,
The story of Jacob follows the pattern/cycles:
Third in the list of Patriarchs,
Following Abraham and Isaac,
Third president of the USA, in 1801.
Third of six children, born in 1743,
Third of six children, in the current cycle, with a “twin,”
Born in the third sign, Gemini.
And Thomas means twin,
As does Jacob, James, and Jimmy.
And when I fell asleep in 1826,
I fell asleep on July 4th, AS A TWIN,
With my brother, John Adams,
An incredible sign and miracle, for you.
And I confirmed this theory on August 4, 1999,
Through meditation, and as seen in vision,
Through the mercy of God.
And of greater importance to me,
I saw in awesome vision, on 5/2/2000,
That Prophet Muhammad is the reincarnation of Moses,
And this is perhaps,
The most important news I have to give.
And was confirmed likewise,
But in an awesome, awesome vision,
For the sands 
Morphed, in the desert, into a face,
And in answer to my question, then and there:
“Is Prophet Muhammad the reincarnation of Moses?”
The winds stopped swirling, and the sands of
The face stood still, and it said,
“Of course!”
So, I am here this time to help prepare for Harvest,
And give my witness,
And say,
We are all Children of God, brothers, and sisters alike.
And God loves all of us,
And at our best, “We Are Love.”
But the universe is cause/effect, action/reaction,
And it is just about Harvest Time, maybe within 8 years.
And The Books say Jacob is father to all mankind,
And likewise Jefferson, through the Declaration,
And the ideals. See how the patterns work?
So, now that I have found you,
Let us love each other, share and care,
And give our witness, forgiving others,
Receiving forgiveness, as an effect,
The universe is cause/effect, action/reaction,
And that is how life works.

What I Love About You

The way you smile,
Your warm, sweet mouth,
Your gorgeous, heavenly chest,
The way you tilt your head to one side before you speak,
Your lovely voice,
The way you talk,
The way you move your body to the music,
The way you dance,
To hear you sing,
Your beautiful eyes,
The cozy, passionate way you hug me,
Your passionate kiss,
To touch your soft, warm skin,
The way you close your eyes, to feel and listen,
How wonderful it is to see you peacefully sleeping,
The way you walk,
Your divinely sculptured, and beautiful back,
Your curvy hips,
Your divinely beautiful face,
Your beautiful, sexy mouth,
The way you pout,
Your exotic, sensual smile,
Your clever mind,
The thought of you,
And your presence.

Does God Hate George W. Bush?

God is that force that brings you
Into this world,
And He takes you out.
He’s life, and love.
And levels of consciousness.
He’s action/reaction, cause/effect,
Cycles, patterns, and justice.
He’s weather, nature, hurricanes, tornadoes,
And, believe me, He’s everywhere.
Therefore they said, an eye for an eye,
Tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life.
And the Lord, our God is One,
And made the patterns of Ancient Israel,
The 42 Prophet Kings, Philosopher-Priests
Of Matthew, and of Luke.
Likewise, are the patterns in the USA.
For Jefferson, our third President, is Jacob,
Setting the patterns, fulfilling the prophecies,
And setting the boundaries, and ideals of
Our Republic,

You see it:
1. Abraham, Gen. 11:26 Like George Washington, 1789
2. Isaac, Gen. 21:2 Like John Adams, 1797
3. Jacob (Israel), Gen. 25:26 Is Thomas Jefferson, 1801
4. Judas, Gen. 29:35 Like James Madison, 1809
5. Phares, Gen. 46:12 Like James Monroe, 1817
6. Esrom, Gen. 46:12 Like John Quincy Adams, 1825
7. Aram, Ruth 4:19 Like Andrew Jackson, 1829
8. Aminadab, Num. 1:7 Like Martin Van Buren, 1837
9. Nasson, Num. 1:7 Like William I. Harrison, 1841
10. Salmon, Ruth 4:20 Like John Tyler, 1841
11. Booz, Ruth 4:21 Like James K. Polk 1845
12. Obed, Ruth 4:17 Like Zachary Taylor, 1849
13. Jesse, Ruth 4:22 Like Millard Fillmore, 1650
14. David, 1 Chron. 2:15 Like Franklin Pierce, 1853
15. Solomon, 2 Samuel 12:24 Like James Buchanan, 1857
16. Roboam, 1 Kings 11:43 Like Abraham Lincoln, 1861
17. Abia, 1 Kings 15:1 Like Andrew Johnson, 1865
18. Asa, 1 Kings 15:9 Like Ulysses S. Grant, 1569
19. Josaphat, 22:41 Like Rutherford B. Hayes, 1877
20. Joram, 2 Kings 8:16 Like James A. Garfield, 1881
21. Ozias, 2 Kings 8:25 Like Chester A. Authur 1881
22. Joatham, 2 Kings 15:32 Like Grover Cleveland, 1885
23. Achaz, 2 Kings 16:1 Like Benjamin Harrison 1889
24. Ezekias, 2 Kings 18:1 Like Grover Cleveland, 1890
25. Manasses, 2 Kings 21:1 Like William McKinley, 1897
26. Amon, 2 Kings 21:18 Like Theodore Roosevelt, 1901
27. Josias, 2 Kings 21:24 Like William H. Taft, 1909
28. Jechonias 1 Chron. 3:16 Like Woodrow Wilson, 1913
29. Salathiel, 1 Chron. 3:17 Like Warren G. Harding, 1921
30. Zorobabel, 1 Chron. 3:19 Like Calvin Coolidge, 1923
31. Abiud, (Matthew) Like Herbert C. Hoover, 1929
32. Eliakim, (Matthew) Like F. D. Roosevelt, 1933
33. Azor, (Matthew) Like Harry S. Truman, 1945
34. Sadoc, (Matthew) Like Dwight D. Eisenhower,1953
35. Achim, (Matthew) Like John F. Kennedy, 1961
36. Elind, (Matthew) Like Lyndon B. Johnson, 1963
37. Eleazar, (Matthew) Like Richard M. Nixon, 1969
38. Matthan, (Matthew) Like Gerald R. Ford, 1974
39. Jacob, (Matthew) Like Jimmy Carter, 1977
40. Joseph, (Jesus’ father) Like Ronald Wilson Reagan, ‘81
41. Jesus, (Matthew) Like George H. W. Bush, 1989
42. Christ, (Matthew) Like William J. Clinton, 1993
43. None; Dispensation over. Like George W. Bush, 2001
44. None; Dispensation over. Like Barack Obama, 2009 

Very often the comparisons show the very same, or very opposite.
Some of the comparisons are listed below:
1. Abraham, and George Washington moved away from their nations and started new nations. Washington was a warrior; Abraham fought against Chedorlaomer (Gen. 14:5).
3. Jacob (Israel) is the father, through his offspring, of the Hebrew nation and the West. Jefferson is the father of the ideals of the USA.
14. Franklin Pierce became the youngest President of his time. He hastened the Civil War by signing the Kansas- Nebraska Act of 1854. David was a young warrior, and the best in his character was the opposite of Pierce’s.
15. Solomon was wise, and had about 1000 "wives." James Buchanan is considered one of the worst presidents because of his lack of judgment and moral courage, and the only bachelor President.
16. Abraham Lincoln saved the Union and is considered a moral individual. His counterpart, Roboam, presided over the breakup of the Jewish State into Judah, and Israel. Roboam was immoral.

28. Woodrow Wilson was a good man. His counterpart, Jechonias was a scoundrel.
30. Calvin Coolidge said the business of America is business. Salathiel, the counterpart said the business of Israel was justice and righteousness.

39. Jacob, of course is another word which means James, Jimmy, Israel; and it means “he who would provide service to his fellow man.” So, Jimmy Carter works for “Habitat,” an organization that provides services from man, to his fellow man.

40. Joseph (Jesus’ “father”) helped to prepare a channel that became the hope of humanity. The World is forever indebted to him. He went to Egypt to avoid death to his son. The counterpart, Ronald Reagan, presided over the USA becoming the world’s biggest debtor nation. Also, the national debt went from $1 trillion to 3 trillion. Reagan invaded tiny Grenada, and bullied other small nations. He also said things that had little or no resemblance to facts. MANY USA CITIZENS JUST LOVED Reagan!
41- 42. (Note: This excerpt of Jubilee... Worldwide! was completed before Bill Clinton took office. So, the jury was still out on Clinton vs. Christ). Jesus was oppressed and escaped to Egypt to save his young life. As the Christ, he made a way for many, to save many lives...
To tell the truth,
To be of service
To heal the sick; To feed the hungry
To give man hope; To lift the oppressed
To free the captives; To comfort the weary
To encourage those who fight against evil
To Lead Man Back To His Final Destination!

Bush, the counterpart, invaded Panama. He killed the children, and women, and men in his way. He murdered tens of thousands of children, women, and men in Iraq. The USA citizens loved it. Jesus the oppressed, Bush, the oppressor! Opposites!

During the time of Bill Clinton, the price of oil declined to about $10-11 per barrel. Surpluses appeared in the Federal Budget. The Internet and The Dot-Com bubble appeared. And some thought that the Clinton era prosperity signaled the end of regular economic cycles. And this reminds us of Jesus feeding the multitude of 5 thousand men, plus women and children, with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, and taking up, after everyone had eaten, 12 baskets full of fragments, that remained. (Matt. 14: 17-21). And the 4 thousand men, plus women and children, fed with 7 loaves, and “a few little fishes.” “And they took up of the broken meat that was left 7 baskets full.” (Matt. 15: 34-38).

After Jesus left the scene, and after Steven was stoned, in 34 AD, the Covenant with Ancient Israel ended. And the dispensation (mission, torch) was given, in-turn to the Christians, and then to the Muslims.

And after Clinton, the Covenant with America ended,
So, The Supreme Court selected the next president, George W. Bush,
And it’s not that God hates Bush,
And the Bush Family,
But their evil is reflected back on them,
And the real evildoers
Receive what they have earned,
And you will know them by their fruit,
And see what they have earned.
For the universe is action/reaction, cause/effect,
Cycles, patterns, and justice.

And 911 happened,
Because the covenant expired,
And, just as ancient Israel failed to live up to
Its agreement,
So has America.
And 911 is a taste of America’s future: war, insecurity, famine (recession), and lack of freedom.
But 911 should also be viewed as an overall, organic process,
Signaling the downfall of the leader of this era,
And the beginning of the Millennium.

On 911, there were the airplane attacks in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, plunging the USA into recession, fear, and the “War On Terror,” and enabling The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, Threat Level Color Codes, and other such measures. From March through October, 2001, there was an “official” recession-but today (on 10/6/03), many talk as if the USA is still in recession, in part, because of its “jobless recovery.”

From about October 9, 2001, through about August, 2002, there was the case of the Anthrax letters in the USA, which killed 5 people and scared millions. On November 12, 2001, there was the crash of Flight 587, an Airbus, in Queens, N.Y., that killed 260 people. In October, 2001, the USA went to war against Afghanistan and Al Queda, and today, there are indications of an increasing resurgence of the Taliban and Al Queda. In October, 2002, the DC area sniping began, resulting in the deaths of 10 people, and the terrorizing of millions.

In March, 2003, the USA began a preemptive war against Iraq, and it has evolved into a guerrilla war. In 2000, there was the Florida elections fiasco, and the installation of George W. Bush to the presidency through the efforts of the US Supreme Court.

In 2003, there was the Texas Republican redistricting coup. And in California, there was the successful effort to recall Governor Gray Davis. In the summer of 2004, 4 hurricanes hit Florida:

Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne.
And, you will know them by their fruit.
For in this era,
Bad things happen to bad people.
Now, note the pattern:
For, in the beginning,
It was George, John, Thomas (or twin),
And in this cycle, after the 42 legitimate ones,
It is George. Then Barack Obama.
Will we get a third president, in the third cycle of patterns,
Or will Jacob, and others (symbolically) call-in the Harvest,
Will God, (actually), gather it in?
We will watch the "fruit."

What’s Up, With The Jefferson, Jacob Thing?

I think the most important thing
I can do,
In this lifetime,
Is to try to explain
How life works.
So, try this:
The Holy Books appear to be more valid
Than you thought,
Than I thought.
About me: I practiced yoga,
I learned to meditate,
I studied the prophecies of Daniel,
Revelation, The Torah, and The Gospels.
I analyzed the Qur’an,
Studied all religions,
And I learned some things
About Hindus, Buddhists,
You name it.
I maintained maximum integrity
In all religious and spiritual matters,
For, who needs more confusion than we have?
So, let me say this:
This is really unbelievable, OK?
But, life is action/reaction, cause/effect,
Cycles, patterns, balance, harmony, and justice.
Night, day, summer, fall, winter, spring,
Cycles, can you see it?
All things created on earth come to an end.
We are all Children of God,
Having consciousness in Him,
Living in Him,
For He is Life.
And life is love,
It is the joy of existing!
We are meant to hate injustice,
Hate evil, lies, what’s wrong.
What’s wrong?

Now, this is the truth,
I obtained through study, work, and meditation.
As incredible as this story seems,
This stuff, and information, see?
(See The Resurrection Of Noah),
I am Jimmy, James, Jacob, Jefferson,
The information obtained on 8/4/1999,
Through vision, meditation, and the mercy of God.
I come into the physical world through
The third progression,
Like the third child, third sign (Gemini),
Third generation, Jacob,
Third president, Jefferson. Omar was third Caliph.
I am “Jewish, Christian, and Muslim,” see?
And believe me, Muhammad is
The reincarnation of Moses, you see?
Obtained in a similar manner, on 5/2/2000.
And there is more, but not right now.

Please listen:
When I read Jefferson’s Autobiography,
And read about the original Declaration,
Including references to slavery,
And saw the ampersands,
And read about how I (Jefferson)
Put others first, promoted and advanced them,
Explored the Northwest,
Doubled the size of the USA,
Gave it ideals,
Loved with passion,
And conviction,
Had the same personality, and character,
As I have today;
And in this life,
In my youth, was known as, “Red.”
And in that (Jefferson-life) said,
The same as I say today,

The difference is ethnic background,
And better spiritual grounding, capability,
This time, you see?

So, what’s up, with the Jefferson, Jacob thing?
I’ve had over 12 years to think about it,
Examine it, question, and confirm.
(Please read The Gospels, Daniel, Qur’an.)
So, what’s up, with the Jefferson, Jacob thing?
It shows how life works, in cycles, periods, patterns,
Conforms TOTALLY with the Gospels, and Qur’an,
And of the Torah, Gospel, and Qur’an,
We are its Guardians.
Believe me, this is true.

What Time Is It?

It’s Harvest Time!
The Eight Empires
Have formed and failed,
Because they were formed with lies.
Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia,
Persia, Greece, and Rome.
At home, The USA, Canada, UK, and Australia,
Comprise the Seventh Power.
The Seventh evolves into the Eighth Empire,
Including The European Union, and NATO.

But the credo is the same.
Same lies, misinformation,
Injustice forms its core,
Desolation, abomination, slavery, genocide abides.
Obscene riches for the few,
Misery for the masses.
It’s good at war, imperialism, and neocolonialism,
It’s really into - Nihilism,
Creating Puppet Governments,
Fooling most of the people,
Most of the time,
Until this awesome time!
What time is it? 
What time is it?

The Guy Who Missed The Flight That Crashed!
It’s November 6, in the USA, 2004.
The Democrats are wringing their hands, lamenting,
As if they don’t know about the fortunate guy
Who missed the flight that crashed!
They missed the Presidency on 9/11,
‘Cause God hates devils, see?
And bad things happen, to bad people,
Can you see this, friend?
Democrats missed the chance to cleanup
Bush’s mess in Iraq,
In the economy,
In just about everywhere.
But remember, the USA has had its 228 years,
To embrace what’s right, live in the light;
And chose another course.
The 42 Prophet-Kings, Philosopher-Priests,
Of Matthew and of Luke, are like our own
Legitimate 42 presidents,
And then it’s Harvest Time!

Bad times?
Blame bad people!
In life, if you cannot get that guy or girl,
“He” may be bad for you.
What feels good,
Is not always good for you.
If you are lucky,
You will miss the (poisoned) flight
Destined to crash!

You Are Perfect!

I guess all people
Are perfect in something, or other.
Michael Jordan was often
A perfect basketball player.
The ’85 Chicago Bears were often perfect.
Check it out!
Did you ever see Janet
Move her hips and torso
As she sings?
She really swings:
Perfect body, perfect movement,
Perfect motion, perfect beauty.
Music is very often perfect,
And makes me feel perfectly happy.
Well, how about the perfect performance
Of this year’s Boston Red Socks?

I see perfect problems, perfect solutions,
Perfect timing, every hour,
Perfect Honeys, perfect fits,
Our perfect love, that now exists,
I see perfect autumn, perfect flowers,
Love made in Heaven,
Just like ours.

You are a perfect lady,
Sexy on the outside, 
Beautiful on the inside,
And Heavenly too!
You are not only perfect,
But you are perfect, for me.
And I will love you with a perfect love,
As perfect as can be.