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Lori; You Are Too Beautiful 

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16. You Are Too Beautiful
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You Are Too Beautiful

1. In the first selection of You Are Too Beautiful, Khalim tells her,

“Your eyes focus the loveliness of all creation.”

“...The beauty of your mouth invites a million kisses.
Too bad some folks may never know you because one cannot say too many times that
You are Too beautiful.”

2. Next, he says “You Are Not Simply A 10, for you are incomparable, magnificent, wonderful, you are not simply a 10.”

3. In “In Love, In Kiss,” he notes, “We make the brightest Love-Light in the Galaxies of love: ...I soak myself in you, In love, in kiss: & GLOW. We make the BRIGHTEST Love-light in the Galaxies, in love.”

4. Forever, With You is idealistic, concise, and beautiful. It is typical of how the author moves effortlessly between that which is secular and that which is “spiritual.”

5. Lorraine is a favorite. It is robust, rhythmic, apocalyptic, and spiritual. That which is spirit is made manifest, that which is flesh becomes spirit. It opens with Khalim pleading for “rain.”

“I say a sigh, reach for the sky
Before I die Lorraine.
...Me Injun dance for rain
Peal thunderbolt
Whiplash a lightning flash
& kick a mountain ‘part”
Unzip the sky
Shake down the stars,
Straw ‘way the seas,
Unearth the Pyrenees;
Ring laughter from a rhino,
Sing a lullaby for rain.

I’ll walk the mist
Remand a serpent’s hiss
End by-and-by
And cage a lie;
Make dumb men talk,
Curtail the leopard’s stalk;
Make eagles chirp,
Rework the earth;
Drive crazies sane,
Write me a better name, for rain.

...And like my father would rather,
Bring all the world together.”

And if he gets the rain?

“... I swim the rain,
Glide gently o’er rain.
I whet the rain.
I even wet the rain:
Til God, you,
I are one-&-the-same!
I’ve got to have- L’rain.”

When we really connect, in mind, body, and soul, as when two lovers meet, in-love, there is an inevitable celebration in nature, and an outpouring of spiritual water (rains), symbolizing the fact that true union has taken place. L ‘rain is a spiritual indication, showing that we have achieved our inevitable goal, unity, on both the physical and spiritual levels.

6. You Make My Engine Roar is humorous. Khalim begins,

“You make my engine roar
With all its might.
You make it soar and take to flight
...You really get my engine going.
I need your octane every morning.
With all my might
I love your octane.
And long to soar with you
(A morning, noon or night time) on flights to anywhere.
To make our engines roar.”

7. In Khalim’s House of Pleasure:

All doors are made of trust and patience
Unity and harmony will overlook the windows
The beds are made of warmth and celebration
The sun and moon will light the rooms
The house sits on the wheels of time
We will build it on the building blocks of love....” 

8. Slices is one delicious appetizer:

“I think of you
As my wonderful
Slice of God....”

9. Magic Eyes shows Khalim at his best: imaginative, daring. He presents the unexpected:

When you look up,
I’m still amazed to see the color green, the color spring, (the color of your eyes)
Excite and churn me, (revving-up my springtime might).
The color’s healing (your green is so appealing).
I love your lovely eyes.
And looks into your eyes
Keep me in springtime heat (throughout the year).

I long to taste you, take you
Rub it on, & rub it in
So heal me with your eyes.
...With more exploratory time,
Let’s find a laboratory life
And meet and greet more often (keeping to appointment)
To give amazing love & healing,
And share the magic, eyes.

10. Statuesque, Tailor Made, and I Love You All Over Again are songlike. They show Khalim's versatility.

11. My Thoughts About You Never Go Away explores the feelings and experiences one has thinking about that cherished Other, and shows how thinking about her seems to affect time.

12. I Vow To Love Each Dimple Equally is another gem. This selection explores concepts of time, and not surprisingly, presents some surprises.

13. I Love You All Over Again is the last selection, and as mentioned above, it is songlike. He begins:

“Every time I see you,
I fall in love all over again.
I do it over & over & over & over
& over & over again.
I like to do it all over again.
I like to love you all over
And if I ever meet someone new,
I’ll pretend that it is you
And love you all over again....”

Khalim speaks in fresh, sparkling, and daring language about the magic and attraction between men and women. And in answer to what the last selection says, “Come back and thrill me all over again, so I can love you all over again. I have to love you all over again:” Write on!



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Lori, My Dream Girl

Lori, My Dream Girl, is the 7th in a series of 8 books by Youssef Khalim, begun in 2002. Four were inspired by ladies encountered overseas. Lori is one of four inspired by Americans.

Despite its seeming mundane start, the book quickly gets down to important and timely subjects, ideas, and issues. It starts out like this:

“I was in my vehicle, parked on the street, by the curb, in front of your apartment building, which is a two-flat structure, with a basement apartment.

“You were standing beside my vehicle when I noticed Your gorgeous, fabulous, fantastic hips - Blew me away!” That was the beginning encounter. Then:

I Knew I’d fall In-love With You

I knew I’d fall in-love with you when we first met.
I could tell by how profoundly
You shook me up,
Stunned, and shocked
Me to the core,

By how you look,
Your personality,
And your dreamy, hazel eyes!

Then, he tells her:
I’m looking for someone just like you,
Someone to give all my love to.
She has to be lovely just like you,
Someone as sweet as Honey Dew.
I want her smile to be like yours,
Her body hot, just like you got!
I want her kiss as sweet as yours,
She’ll be like you, be my dream girl.
She has to call my name the way you do.
I’m looking for someone just like you.
And when I find her, this is what I’ll do,
I’m going to give her up, and come back to you!
He makes this pitch:
I Will Do Anything For You
Yes, I will do anything.
Everything and anything.
I will do anything, for you.
I will do whatever.
I will do all-ever,
Then, I will do the next thing!
Anything and everything,
All the things that need some doing,
I will do them all!
Let’s face it:
Whatever - must be done!
I will do it!

‘Cause, I will do anything,
I will do whatever,
I will do anything,
For you.

OK, this is my bottom line:
I will do anything,
Yes, I will do anything,
To have you, hold you, keep you, squeeze you,
And then, I’ll do the next thing,
Just for you,
And prove to you both day and night,
By making sure all things are right,
Then, love you with a love so strong,
It erases night; ergo be gone!

And show you, Baby,
I will do any thing,
For you!

They Take Five:

Lori, Let’s Take Time Out Here,
And Give:
Praise To God.
Praise to God,
The Everlasting.
There is no God, but He,
Creator of the universe,
Who sits on
The Throne, alone,
The Ancient of Days,
The Almighty,
Praise to God,
For, he has made us Sons and Daughters unto Him,
In these days.
He is my friend, my Lord and Savior!
All praise to God,
The Master, and Lord of The Universe.
Amen (OM)

Khalim’s Mission?

Lori, I had this profound experience in about 1994.
I was lying in bed in my house, in our village,
Almost asleep, and God called my name.
I became somewhat alert.
He called me a second time.
Then, what seemed like a few minutes passed.
And the Lord, our God, called me a third time!
And it was similar to what happened to Samuel, in the Bible!
Later that day, I visited our local Super Market, in University Park, Illinois.
We were experiencing a Commonwealth Edison power outage.
So, I used the headlights of my automobile to light the way for some shoppers leaving the Super Market.
Later that evening, I went to the local Cable Access facility, and recorded some of my writings on video for broadcast.

I accepted my mission,
To light the way for those in darkness!
To write, and to read my writings, and to record them!
And to announce the Acceptable Year of The Lord!

Friendship and Communication

"Let’s Talk Some More, Sweetheart, About: Friendship and Communication

"Good conversation, talking, expressing our beliefs, ideas,
Experiences and concerns are very important to me.
If I don’t talk to you it’s because I don’t have anything to say to you, or I have something so horrible to say to you that I’d prefer not to say anything to you. I love to have good conversation with my friends…."

Inspired by an experience, he writes:
If They Drag Us Down To Their Low Level

We all need people, institutions, governments, culture, ideas, and habits that will inspire, motivate, and lift us up, and make us better people.
If an individual, a relative, or the government
Drag us down to their low level,
Then, they are an enemy to us and to mankind.
If our mind, will, and sense of security are so weak that we allow ourselves to be
Dragged down to their low level,
Then, we need re-education, real education,
And we need to learn right from wrong.
We should strengthen our mind with right knowledge,
Our will, with right actions,
And our sense of security with truth, integrity,
Sharing/caring, openness,
Determination, and courage.

If an individual, a relative, or the government
Proscribes and limits our freedom of thought, speech, associations,
Actions, conduct, liberty, and our own free will,
It is our responsibility to throw off such corrupt and evil forces,
And to get a new government and new friends,
As we did in 1776!

Lori and Youssef talk:

"OK, Let’s Continue Talking:
About Drugs, Drug Laws,
And Freedom from Addictions.
We should be able to break any harmful addictions.
Sometimes people or habits are an addiction, detrimental to us.
I like my coffee, for example.
But I sometimes cut it loose, To show who’s boss! …."

“Does God Exist?”

And when they ask you what God is,
Tell them that in scientific terms,
We can list some of my primary attributes:

I am He who brings you into manifestation,
And I take you out.
I am the Beginning and The Ending,
The Everlasting, The Almighty, above everything that exists,
The Ancient of Days,
He who sits on The Throne alone,
Whose hair is like wool, as white as snow.
Sometimes, scientists try to compartmentalize me for analysis and investigation because it is difficult to get the human mind around the concept of me.
One way to start looking at me is to view one aspect of me
As the sub-conscious (Id) of man, but universal,

But, I am not instinctual, for we govern my universe through laws, rules, cause and effect, and cycles: distinct modalities. Then continuing with the psychological analogy, we would see the Ego, or self, the Superego, or conscious, and the Libido, or drives and pleasure seeking, in each individual, but more personalized and specialized in each individual,
You see?

The attributes in man, in their primordial state, just like the subconscious (which is universal), come from me. It’s like a DNA contribution of life from me, you see?

You say, “ The DNA comes from nature.” I say, “Nature is just one aspect of me.” Furthermore, I say, take the human or animal body in nature: without that spark of life from me, or specifically, in man, mind and soul (spirit), those bodies are just lifeless carcasses. And the soul only comes into its earthly abode (home) when the umbilical cord is cut, and the spirit, or soul enters into the body then, you see?

Now, understand this:
Since you can visualize and conceptualize me thusly,
In each human, giving them human life,
Can’t you now understand:
That I am in each of you,
Making each of you sacred, divine, special,
And giving each of you the life that is within yourselves?
So, now my friends, when they ask you,
“Where is God?”
“Does God exist?”
Say, “Sure, go look in the mirror!”

There’s Nothing Else To Be Said
We will tell them:
I fell in-love with you at first sight,
Or, at least within five minutes.
We will tell them:
“It’s all about the Chemistry,”
Nothing else matters.
We will tell them:
This is a relationship of choice,
Sacred and divine.
We will tell them:
What God has blessed,
Let us also honor.
We will ask them:
Is this something that concerns you,
Or is it something that concerns us?
We will tell them:
There’s nothing else to be said.

What Does God think About Me?

He loves and adores me,
Even more than I love and adore Him!
He thinks I’m cool!
He thinks I’m a little slow,
And could use some help.
That’s why He sent you to me!
Now, as for me, God, I think you’re Wonderful,
Awesome, Terrific,
Divine, Super, and Great beyond words!
And God, I promise to love and adore you more!
I promise,
I promise,
I promise,
I promise,
I promise.

And God, have mercy on the people.

OK, now folks, since God loves and adores me the way He does,
And is trying to help me, (and I put in a good word for you),
Why don’t you?

Lori, My Dream Girl presents a new way of believing, thinking, and acting. You will find it useful and insightful as a moral, social, artistic, and political work. This is a must read book.