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6. Jubilee Worldwide
7. Lara, Forever
8. Lori, My Dream Girl
9. Love of My Life
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14. The Resurrection
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Jubilee Worldwide

Jubilee is privatization. “It is a prelude to creating and implementing the Millennium. And it is a process of creating balance and harmony. For those of the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic Tradition, it is The Law of God as handed down through Moses, and modified, especially, by major prophets like Jesus and Muhammad. And, it is part of the process of completing that Tradition, which we call the “Cycle of Judaism.”

“The derivation of Jubilee is Leviticus 25:8-13. It says, “And thou shall number 7 Sabbaths of years unto thee, 7 times 7 years; and the space of 7 Sabbaths of years shall be unto thee 40 and 9 years. Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the Jubilee to sound on the 10th day of the 7th month, in the Day of Atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout the land. And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a Jubilee unto you. And ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family. “

In practical terms, simultaneously, Jubilee will cancel all debt, including federal, state, local, business, farm, individual, student, family, AND INTERNATIONAL. And ...‘we will share our knowledge, skills, patents, work, etc. with the world because we are true Muslims, real Christians, and real Jews.’”
Jubilee, Worldwide is an economic and social blueprint for constructing the New Millennium. This a must-read book.


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Healing Begins With The Mind

In Healing Begins With The Mind, Khalim considers psychological/psychia-tric questions and concerns, and presents possible solutions. He finds the fields of psychology/psychiatry, themselves, to be substantially dysfunctional; overly negative, morbid, hypocritical, irresponsible, oppressive, racist, corrupt, dishonest, ignorant of necessary fundamental information, misguided, overly intrusive, and subsequently ineffective.

He says a healthy mind should know the first reality- a higher force in the universe, which we refer to as God. Khalim feels that the field is further handicapped by operating in, and trying to conform to an irrational and evil economic system and social order. Therefore, these very practitioners become predators against the people that they are supposed to serve. He believes that too many people in the field do not have sufficient morality, values, or character requirements to try to minister to people’s minds.

He is uneasy about an area and function (mind) which should have high respect and even reverence, being intruded into by base, corrupt, immoral, and oftimes anti-God people who are trying to make a living for themselves, or even abuse others. And he believes that the practitioners here have assumed a function which was the province of Shamen or priests. He believes that anyone in the field should have high morality and correct values.

Khalim asks, Why is it that the general historical, pervasive sickness and hypocrisy of society, the West, and the U.S.A. (in particular) has not been recognized and addressed? He advocates testing everyone to determine personality characteristics like introversion-extroversion,
thinking-feeling, and intuition-perceiving tendencies. People should know whether they have left, right, or whole brain dominance. And people should know their overall adjustment (or maladjustment) level.

He believes this can help identify a Mozart, Hitler, George Washington Carver, Daniel Hale Williams, Stevie Wonder, Gwendolyn Brooks, Martin Luther King Jr., or Michael Jordan. Conversely, it can help identify liars, thieves, oppressors, materialists, the selfish, cowards, crooks, and people who are called devils.

He says that a system which he calls a test of the Energy Functionality of individuals can be used with a (possibly) reformed psychology/psychiatry to help identify personality characteristics, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. He feels that a combination of tools can be used to help insure that people who probably will (and generally) do abuse authority and people are identified and monitored so that abuse does not take place. Conversely, potential benefactors of humanity can be identified.

He asserts that materialists, oppressors, and deviants really have low self-esteem because they have rejected (or do not know) who and what they really are. Then they try to make themselves into somebody by collecting things, getting control, power (or jurisdiction) over others. Then they abuse others, or their positions because they really do not have morality. And because of the laws of nature, they get caught up in their own vicious cycle- becoming more and more deformed and dysfunctional.

He believes people should know their biological lineage to help give a sense of belonging and linkage to the family, community, the planet earth, and the universe.

The Observation Reports

There are 3 Observation Reports included, and they are nonstandard. They include 1). The one-day observations of a toddler who will be 16 months old on 7-17-95. There is the possibility of his being gifted because both his parents were determined to be likewise. Also, two specific dreams indicate that possibility. (See dream number 5, and 12). Dream #12 shows him with a hat, or headband on; and that is an ornament, or adornment of the head. Number 5 is very specific, but it is not absolutely certain that it refers to him ( or that whoever said he would be gifted is correct).

Observation #2 is of the mother of the child. And she has developed an emotional disorder. There is a description of the condition, and what may be done to treat it.

Observation #3 is of the father of the child, Noah, and it contains descriptions of the father using quotations from the MMPI, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Brain Dominance theories. There is also a list of the 17 dreams (two were mentioned above) of the youngster. The father had the dreams. There are various suggestions that may be applicable and useful to a greater understanding, rehabilitation, and appreciation of exceptional children.

Healing Begins With The Mind says, “God is the first reality, and this is the first thing that the aspiring healthy mind can learn. And in God, all things (including us) move and have their being."

“To be healthy one should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise, drink lots of water, get fresh air, think right, speak correctly, and take right actions. And when souls really want to become healthy again, they find their way back to the open arms of God.”