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Lara, Forever

Lara, Forever is the first in a series of 8 books by Youssef Khalim, begun in 2002. Four were inspired by ladies encountered overseas. Lara is one of the four inspired by Americans.

In the Introduction, Khalim says, “I met Lara in the summer of 2001, at a real-life Cheers-like, Cocktail Lounge and Bar, where she bartends.
I remember our first meeting because you can’t forget her eyes. And I was writing for her from the very beginning because I had to write down the words, “Rhine Wine,” to make her understand what I wanted.

“Later, I was struck by her extraordinary beauty and lovely personality. I wrote down feelings, and what I want, to form this book.

“In the fall of 2001, she went to Las Vegas, and she was gone for about a week. I missed her so much that I composed You Too Will Love Heaven, upon her return. With the creative juices now flowing, I completed Extraordinary Beauty. Then, I was inspired to do Golden Girl, and later, Signs That I’m Falling In Love With You, by Lara, and one her friends.

“All of this writing was going on around Christmas time, 2001. So, it was a lot of fun to do All I Want For Christmas Is You. Lara has the most beautiful body, and walk. So, I suggested to her that she would make an ideal model- not knowing that she had already been doing modeling. Her modeling and body-beautiful is reflected in selections completed around the New Year of 2002. I completed I Love To See Your Body Move, Any Man Will Fall In Love With You, and When I See You Baby. I had great fun composing When I See You Baby and Re: Carry Outs. In January, 2002, I completed the last poem of that series,

I Love To See You Pose.

“When the writing started again, in March, I completed Re: Carry Outs, and Let Me Experience. Then came A Dream Come True, Thanks, Sacred Site, and Love: To The Whole Wide World. At this time I realized that we had a whole book, essentially in tribute to the beauty and personality of one woman-a first for me. It was very easy to complete I Have To Have You, and Friendship. It was a lot of fun adding the graphics to I Bet You Will Love Me Too.” 

Here are some favorites from Lara, Forever:

Re: Carry Outs

You have beautiful,
Gorgeous buns:
I’ll take you:
Here, to go, or whatever,
With everything

When I See You Baby

When I see you baby,
My heart leaps for joy,
My hormones go crazy,
My vision hazy,
Like a boy with a brand new toy.
When I see you baby,
Your smile lights up my face,
And your
Heats me up,
‘Til I’m hot-to-go
For days.

Whenever I see you baby,
I want to see you,
I have to see you,
See you,
See you,
See you,
And see you,
All over

Extraordinary Beauty

You are The Extraordinary Beauty:
With your
Radiant smile,
And intoxicating eyes.

The way you walk is unbelievable:
And beyond
Gorgeous and
It’s extraordinary.

You’re pure inspiration:
Heaven on earth,
Oceans of love and warmth,
Powerful, grande, and majestic.

Your loving ways are:
Sweet, and kind, and generous.
To behold you is not enough.
I must hold you,
Know you
Adore you,
Touch you, taste you,
Please and serve you,
And love you totally,
Ever more.

My love for you will last forever,
I’ll love you through the great hereafter,
I’ll love you ‘til all love
Throughout the universe becomes:
One precious gem of
Extraordinary beauty.

Let Me Experience

Let me experience
The full force
Of your female energy
Not just seeing
Your beautiful
And perfect:
Chest, &
Butt, the sound of
Your voice;
To hear you whisper
The sound of bliss,
To feel your warm-hot, velvet body,
And taste your sweet,
To feel the urgency of
Your body,
Urging me on,
To feel
And experience
The full force
Of your female energy

Signs That I’m Falling In Love With You
I want you
And night,
I’m still amazed:
You have the most beautiful mouth
In the whole-wide world,
Your body
Excites me to no end,
You are gorgeous,
Sitting, standing, walking,
Or working;
And glamorous,
In jeans,

I adore you,
And when I see or think of you,
I feel bliss.
My soul sends you
Quiet and peaceful
Streams, beams, and gusts of
“I love you,”
I feel your presence
in my heart,
And as part of my
Physical and
Spiritual self;
I see and hear you In my dreams,
I love your mind,
And long for conversation
With you,
I want to live with you
A million years,
And, unlike this poem,
There is no end
To how much I love you.

Golden Girl

If I could give up all my wishes but just one,
I want to
Touch you,
Kiss you,
Taste the awesome beauty of your mouth,
Inhale your warmth and sweetness,
Feel your softness,
Make you feel like you’re in heaven,
Fulfill your fantasies,
Plant angel kisses on your face,
Serve you joy and pleasure,
Celebrate your beauty,
Look deep into your lovely eyes,
Adore you more,
And love you more each day,
Give you a gift each day
To make you smile,
Enjoy your friendly, sweet, engaging words,
Make you a bed of roses,

And Love
Every inch
Of your
Tall and sexy,
Golden, gorgeous, body,
Then, love you,
And love you,
And love you all over again.

Any Man Will Fall In Love With You

Any man will fall in love with you,
When he sees the way you walk:
If he has a heart
And if he has a soul,
If he has the breath of life,
And if this man is whole.
Any man will fall in love with you,
When he listens to you,
Has a mind,
And thinks;
And if he listens to his heart,
And mind and heart are linked.

Any man will fall in love with you,
Since seasons come and go,
There is a universe,
And you are lovely,
And I am
Any man.

I Love To See Your Body Move
You have the:
Light, and
Perfect body.
And when you walk,
I love to see your
body move.
When your body moves,
You have the most beautiful walk
In the whole, wide world.
I need to see you,
‘Cause I love you;
Need to love you,
‘Cause I love your gorgeous body;
I need to taste, and touch, and feel
Warm, sweet, sexy body,
As you move.


Love may come & go
But friendship never ends.
So, first I want you
For my friend.
Then, you are my lover,
‘Cause I need your body so bad.
Then, you are the mother
Of our children,
Because we have become:
One soul
Under God
With liberty, justice,
& joy
For all.

Love: To The Whole Wide World

Loving you
Opened the
Floodgates of
To the

Lara, Forever is an important historical, literary, and artistic work.


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I Call My Sugar, Candie

I Call My Sugar, Candie, is the last in a series of 8 books by Youssef Khalim, begun in 2002. Four were inspired by ladies encountered overseas. Candie is one of the four inspired by Americans.

In the Introduction, Khalim says: “I met Candie in Wicker Park, in Chicago, during the beautiful summer of 2005. She was sweet, and inspirational. So I started to write about her, about feelings, about life. The rest (as they say) is history!”

First, he says:
I Should Get To Know You?
OK, Candie,
You know how much I love you,
And want you,
And need you,
So…, Don’t you think
I should get to know you?

Candie, I just love to
Your beautiful, sexy,
Warm, sweet
To start!

He tells her:
I love you,
I love you.
(Do you want some more?)
OK, my sweetheart,
I love you, sweet Candie,
I love you!

When she arrived, she asked, “Miss me?”
To which he responded:

I Think About You Once Each Day

I think about you
Once each day,
I mean, I think of you,
All day long!
I love you, likewise,
Once each day.
I love you, sweetheart!
All day long!
You Want to Play(?)

You are a
Very, very good model!
And you can
Any role
You want to play(?)
With me.

What I Love About You

I love your beautiful, sexy mouth,
Your eyes & smile,
Your conversation(s),
Your beautiful face,
Your sexy, curvy chest, & hips, & butt;
Your walk,
Your industrious, enterprising, & intelligent spirit,
Your inspiration,
The exciting & stimulating thought of you,
Your conversation(s),
(Oh, I said that.)
The way you turn me on,
& your beautiful, sexy mouth!

Why Not?

Yes, I love you.
(How did you know that,
I mean, before I ever told you?)
It’s very, very easy
To love you,
And be in-love with you
Because of your
Extremely attractive,
Radiant and charismatic personality-
And hot body!
And since I want you so,
And need you (more),
Why Not?

The Second Time?

The second time I saw you,
I fell in-love with you…
Or, maybe it was the
First time!

Did You Ever Feel Like A Lollipop?

Did you ever feel like a lollipop,
Or a rainbow,
Or a rainbow colored lollipop?
Do you like orange-flavored sunrise(s), and sunset(s)?
Stood at the end of a rainbow?
Want to be my lollipop?

Have you ever studied man?
Are you the other half?
What day will you complete me,
So, I can experience sunrise and sunset – all at once,
And scale the tallest rainbow,
Know all about man – and wo-man, together,
And love you, taste you,
Consume you,
So we both
Are sweet?

Did You Go To The Street Party?

Candie, sometimes I see you in my mind, just doing things:
Which reminds me, did you go to the Street Party, that was in the streets, right outside your business?
And did you see the band? WOW! They really jammed!
The speakers were blaring! The streets and sidewalks echoed the music and the beat!
The Band was high intensity, grooving! They had high energy!
People danced in the streets, and bounced to the music, even when they just passed by, walking down the streets or sidewalks.
Some folks stood around, swaying to that heavy beat and electric music.
Onlookers and passersby had joy written all across their faces.
Did you see anybody who seemed unhappy at the Street Party?
I saw one man tossing and dribbling a basketball with a child, maybe his son.
One couple danced together. The man was showing off, turning, spinning, smiling, and egging the woman on!
Which reminds me: I pictured you there, your hips moving to the music, your feet beginning to move a little. How could your feet resist that beat?
I pictured us there together, holding hands. And then, we danced, just like the couple I saw.
Which reminds me:
Do you like to stroll together, holding hands?
Do you like to dance?
Will you party with me? Which reminds me: I see us together forever, holding hands, strolling together, Street Party, or no Street Party! I see your smile!
I see us making music,
Sweet as Candie.
I see us dance!
I see our party!

Know How

OK, I need to find out more
About you.
How else can I
Know how
Love you,
And please you?

I need you!
I need to love you!
And desperately,
I need to please you!
I have a way,
To find out more.
Do you want to know?

Which Reminds Me of You

Candie, the other night, I was out, about 2:15 AM
Doing some Test Calls for our Telecommunications Network.
I was over on Fullerton, just east of Racine, by the Public Library parking lot.
I saw this couple,
Which reminded me of us.
I noticed the woman,
Who reminded me of you.
She was posing, showing off:
“I’m the most beautiful woman in the world:”
She showed, strutting around.
You look perfect: just like Candie!
(I thought.)
But you know, the Bible says the woman was made from the rib of a man, probably the marrow.
No wonder you are sometimes perfect:
The first human clone!

Perfect like a flower,
Or a circle, curvy,
Beautiful, lovely, gorgeous,
Which reminds me of you!

Amazing to Behold!

You are fantastically beautiful,
Stunningly beautiful,
Sexy, gorgeous,
Wonderful, and
Amazing to behold!

I Call My Sugar, Candie is cute, fun, and sweet! Needless to say, your collection of Khalim’s works will be missing a key ingredient without Candie.