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 Must Read Books
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1. Ekaterina, Hot and Lovely
2. Galina, All About Love
3. Healing Begins With the Mind
4. I Call My Sugar, Candie
5. I Love You Back
6. Jubilee Worldwide
7. Lara, Forever
8.Lori, My Dream Girl
9. Love of My Life
10.Natalia, With Love
11. People of the        Future/Day
12. Svetlana, Angel of Love 
13. Tanisha Love
14. The Resurrection
       of Noah
15. The Second Coming
16. You Are Too Beautiful
17. You Look So Good

About Sun Ra
Products & Services

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Products and Services

1. May initiate Think Tank: Kingdomcame (.net, .org): Will help plan and implement our programs.

2. Mobile Phone Product Line: Pending

3. Immediately, work to unite Africa into the United States of Africa (USA1, or US1). African Americans will have voluntary citizenship in USA1 (US1).

4. Immediately, re-establish The Caliphate. All Muslims will have voluntary citizenship in this Umma. It will extend from Morocco to Indonesia. US1 and The Caliphate will overlap in some locations.

5. The State of Israel will be reintegrated into the modernized fabric of the re-established Caliphate. The USA is on the wrong side here. It must stand with Moses, Muhammad, Jesus, and the righteous. Islam must be modernized, without adopting the vulgar, obscene, and inappropriate culture of “the West.”

6. African American Consortiums will acquire major telecommunications, broadcasting, cable, auto-manufacturing, auto-parts, steel, concrete, construction, college, university, chemical, electronics, plastics, farming, food, food-processing, clothing, aviation, medical, etc. properties and facilities.

7. Jubilee will eliminate all debt. Then, access, education, science, rule-of-law, adequate compensation, and justice will ensure participation, work, and distribution (a continuous flow of goods and services) to all – just like it was with the early Christians.

8. Amnesty will be implemented where possible and appropriate.

9. Sun Ra Communications will develop and/or acquire the infrastructure and products for The New Millennium.

10. The United Nations is institutionalized injustice and unfairness. Created in 1945 by the corrupt, unjust, and racist victors of World War II, it must be transformed into a fair and just institution. It must undo its sanctioning of the creation of the State of Israel. And it must invalidate Israel’s creation, regarding it as illegal, unjust, and unfair. And it must help dismantle that entity, and reintegrate the area back into a modernized Middle East.
11. Events during the time of the Bush Administration show the failure of the USA governmental structures; the Congress, the courts; the Presidency; the economics. We advocate a New Constitution, and new moral and just governmental structures.

The Earth is the Lord’s, and the goodness thereof. We are Guardians of the Holy Books - and the earth.

Publishing: To date, 17 books, see “Must Read Books,” this site.

Telecommunications: Currently developing and acquiring infrastructure, network, and products.

Broadcasting: Currently developing and acquiring infrastructure, products, and outlets.

News: Umma News, US1 News


About Sun Ra

Sun Ra Communications provides publishing, telecommunications, broadcasting, and news products and services. It was incorporated in Chicago, Illinois in 2002.

Publishes books and a magazine

Produces a Mobile Phone product line: pending 

Promotes re-establishment of "The Caliphate," the Second Coming.  

Seeks to unite Africa into the United States of Africa (US1), and provide voluntary citizenship into US1 for African Americans

Promotes Jubilee, to eliminate all debt, worldwide

Advocates reform of the United Nations

Wants “Israel” reintegrated into the fabric of a modernized Middle East

Promotes African Consortiums to acquire various assets and properties
Advocates New Constitution and governmental structures for USA


    Paperback Prices of Books

1. Ekaterina, Hot and

2. Galina, All About

3. Healing Begin With
     the Mind; 

4. I Call My Sugar,

5. I Love You Back;

6. Jubilee Worldwide;

7. Lara, Forever;

8. Lori, My Dream Girl;

9. Love of My Life;

10. Natalia, With Love;

11. People of the

12. Svetlana, Angel of

13. Tanisha Love;

14. The Resurrection
       of Noah;

15. The Second Coming;

16. You Are Too

17. You Look So Good;