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The Second Coming, 
 By Youssef Khalim

The Second Coming, as the name implies, is something momentous, something apocryphal.

Suppose that you are a down-to-earth, upstanding person, with real integrity, and a genuine sense of justice. You believe in truth, beauty, science, order in the universe, and moral correctness. You were born into a Christian family, but at the age of 14, you begin the study all major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Shinto, and Hinduism. At about the age of 20, you embrace Islam. At the age of 27, you begin the practice of Yoga and Kabbala. And on July 20, 1980, you obtain Unity.

On 5/2/2000, you are writing The Resurrection of Noah, which is about “how life works,” how the birth and death of souls works, and what the “Bibles” say about reincarnation. Based on many verses in the Qur’an and the Bible, you have a suspicion that the Prophet Muhammad may be the reincarnation of Moses. You plan a meditation session, (a “conscious,” though immobile state) to research the matter. And you carefully formulate the question that you will ask. You successfully go into meditation. And you experience this:

First, there are the sights and sounds of mighty, swirling winds, and sand, in the desert. Then, the sands morph into a face!

“Is Prophet Muhammad the reincarnation of Moses?” You ask.

The winds stop swirling, and the sands stand still.

“Of course,” it says. And you are amazed!

Earlier, on August 4, 1999, you are in the process of writing explanations about how reincarnation works, in The Resurrection of Noah. At about 10:30 PM, you are lying in bed and you think: Wouldn’t it be cool if I could write a story on any of my (supposed) incarnations, or others where I was “famous” – and sell it.

You have this experience: Your “consciousness” goes back to 1955, and then to Jefferson Elementary School, the first school you attended in Chicago. You wonder what this means.

You start researching Thomas Jefferson, on the Internet, and in your home Encyclopedias. Amazingly, at about 1:54 AM, you receive an email from a guy named Jefferson ( while you are researching Jefferson. You tell Jefferson about this synchronicity. You tell him your question, and about your quest. Finally, you write an email to Jeannette DeLangis, a “Psychic Hostess,” on AOL, asking her the same question, “Am I the Reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson?”

On August 5, 1999, at about 11:46 AM, you go into meditation. You ask, “Am I the Reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson?”

A display “window” appears. The “Yes” response (answer) is clicked.

On 2/23/2002, you discover that Thomas Jefferson is/was the reincarnation of Jacob. “Was Thomas Jefferson the reincarnation of Jacob, father of the 12 boys who became known as the Nation of Israel?” The display “window” appears. The “Yes” response (answer) is clicked.

Your Birth:
Just moments after your umbilical cord is cut: You raise your head up high and look all around the room. Side-to-side, you look - all around the room! You lower yourself back down. Then, you do it again! The people in the room are astonished!
People should know more about you. You must write your autobiography.

You are Youssef. So, The Second Coming is the autobiography of Youssef Khalim. He spent the first 11 years of his life in Mississippi. Then, he and his family moved to Chicago where he attended, first, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, and lastly, DeVry University.

Almost immediately after practicing Yoga and Kabbala, Youssef was able to "see" on the other side, in visions, dreams, and during Astral travels. The autobiography is largely about what he saw, and what it means. But, it is also about his quest, study, research, and experiences that have produced his stark determinations and conclusions.

Youssef believes The Second Coming started during the Clinton administration. He believes that these times complete the cycle starting with “Adam,” and God begins to fully re-establish His sovereignty over the earth.

It is a time when science, technology, and innovation create the conditions for “heaven on earth,” and when those conditions and individuals in opposition to truth, justice, caring, sharing, openness, and privacy will not exist on earth. The Second Coming has enormous implications for the political, military, economic, and social history of the USA - and for the future of the world. The book is full of useful information, hopeful ideology, and is part of an evolving blueprint for action, and the establishment of the real New World Order.

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The Resurrection of Noah,
   By Youssef Khalim
The Resurrection of Noah began as a father's dedication to his newborn son, Noah. Selections followed rapidly, one after another. Revelation and inspiration were abundant. The result is a series of selections, or essays, which constitute The Resurrection of Noah.

In the first selection, We Listen to the Blood of Ancestors, Youssef tells Noah about his biological, spiritual, and cultural heritage; and he lists and describes Noah's biological lineage. He explains how life works.

"How life works" gets very unusual, because Youssef is a Yogi, and a dabbler in meditation. He was born into a Christian family. At about the age of 20, he embraced Islam. In his research and experience, he learned that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are One Faith and One Tradition.

When he started practicing Yoga and Kabbala, Youssef was able to "see" on the other side, in visions, dreams, and during Astral travels. What he saw will startle you!

There is more to our 3 Great Western religions than meets the eye, he discovered. There seems to be an underlying, intrinsic truth, which is not easy to explain. Moses and Muhammad are/were real people. In fact, Moses and the Prophet Muhammad are the same soul. Thomas Jefferson is the reincarnation of the Patriarch, Jacob, the father of the 12 boys who later became known as the Nation of Israel. There is much detail to help explain how this information was revealed, and why it even makes sense.

In our time, the USA is the real Israel. But it is also known in Scripture as Babylon, the Great, head of the 7th and the 8th World Power. Scripture says that the 8th World Power is the last one, before the Judgment.

All of this and more is presented to you, beautifully, in The Resurrection of Noah. It is a must read for all Americans, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and those who want to know "how life works."